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Proposed Residential Redevelopment of Six Sites for London Borough of Hounslow

During February 2018 Arc Environmental Limited were tasked by London Borough of Hounslow to carry out site investigations (Desk Based Studies & Intrusive Works) on six sites generally occupied by residential garages where proposals were made to redevelop the sites for residential end use. 

The intrusive investigation works undertaken by Arc Environmental Ltd for each site comprised a series of windowless sampling boreholes incorporating the installation of combined ground gas / groundwater monitoring wells.

Prior to commencement of the fieldworks, a Desk Based Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Risk Mitigation Assessment was carried out for each site to determine the likelihood of UXO being present. From these assessments one site was determined to represent a medium risk of UXO being present. Therefore, during the intrusive investigation works on this site, a suitably qualified UXO engineer was in attendance to provide specialist locators and detectors to scan the ground ahead of the drilling operations to dismiss the risk of a UXO strike.

London Bomb Density Map

The intrusive investigation works were carried out to highlight any potential issues or liabilities associated with their current and historical site use (ground contamination) and ground conditions, prior to potential future redevelopment. Some potential issues included infilled quarries and a 3m diameter water trunk main.

Following completion of the investigations, various foundation solutions were recommended (conventional foundation and piled foundations) with minimal remediation required for some sites.


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