Coal Mining Risk Assessments (CMRA)

Arc Environmental can help you with the investigation and mitigation of potential mine workings & mine entries.

In July 2011 The Coal Authority formalised their requirements in relation to planning applications (except householder developments) in England, Scotland and Wales and introduced new terminology relating to Development high risk and Development low risk areas

We will check if your development site lies within any of the risk areas and provide a detailed Coal Mining Risk Assessment (CMRA).

Development over coal bearing strata may disturb old mine workings, leading to subsidence or damage to buildings or their occupants.  

Potential problems can include the collapse of shallow coal mine workings, the collapse of, or risk of entry into, mine entries (shafts and adits), gas emissions from coal mines including methane and carbon dioxide, spontaneous combustion or ignition of coal which may lead to the production of carbon monoxide, transmission of gases into adjacent properties from underground sources through ground fractures, coal mining subsidence and  water emissions from coal mine workings.

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