Site Investigation Services / Phase 2: Intrusive Investigation Reports

Great projects grow from information you can trust.

Arc Environmental will help you uncover the history of a site or a building, bringing to light previous use.

Our site investigations ranging from non-intrusive surveys to in-depth research of ground conditions.

We will use a variety of complex techniques and equipment, ranging from geophysical investigation to trial pitting and boreholes. Our reports and advice are user-friendly and accessible to a wide range of professionals including architects, surveyors, agents and lawyers.

Our interpretive reports will assess soil and groundwater contamination, ground gas issues, the presence of mine workings, the groundwater conditions and geotechnical information to aid with foundation and pavement design.

Many of our investigations are conducted to discharge contaminated land planning conditions and we ensure we have regular liaison with the regulatory authorities.

All our intrusive investigations adhere to well defined health and safety practices, and use site specific method statements and risk assessments, on-site service information and liaison with statutory authorities.

All our site investigations and associated soil and rock logging are carried out in accordance with relevant Eurocodes and British Standards.

Examples of the thousands of sites we have successfully investigated include:  Gas Works, Laundry Sites, Petrol Filling Stations, Chemical Works, Railway Land, MOD Land, Backfilled Quarries and Opencast Sites, Greenfield Sites, Domestic Properties, Former Depots, Works, Mills and many more…

Our investigation methods include; Mechanically Excavated Trial Pits / Trenches, Manually excavated trial pits, Exposing and Recording Existing Foundations, Windowless Sampling, Specialist Hand-held Window Sampling, Cable Percussive Boreholes and Rotary (Cored or Open Hole) Boreholes.

Insitu Testing Services

Standard Penetration Tests, Dynamic Probing, CBR’s, TRL Dynamic Cone Penetrometer, Hand Shear Vanes, BRE 365 Soakaway Tests (SuDS), Plate Load Tests and many more…

Laboratory Testing

Contamination Screening, Soil and groundwater screening, WAC Testing, UKWIR testing, Verification of imported soils, Concrete classification, Geotechnical Classification Testing, Strength Testing (Soil & Rock), Compaction and density Testing, Earthworks Testing and many more…

Geotechnical testing is completed in accordance with BS1377 and accredited by UKAS.

Chemical screening is MCERTS and UKAS accredited.

Site Investigation Services

Geotechnical Investigations, Geo-environmental Investigations, Foundation Solutions and Pavement Design, Ground Contamination Risk Assessments, Due Diligence, Site Acquisition, Baseline Contamination Surveys, Earthworks, Subsidence Investigation, Slope Stability, Planning Approval, Opencast Sites, Gypsum Dissolution, Shallow Coal Workings, Infilled Quarry Sites, Foundation Zoning Plans and many more…

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