Phase 1: Desk Top Study (DTS) Reports / Preliminary Risk Assessments (PRA)

Arc Environmental offer a range of specialist desk top reports which draw on the knowledge and experience of our qualified team and provide the key information required to validate a planning application.

Our Phase 1: Desk Top Study is the first phase in investigating potentially contaminated land as required by planners, warranty companies and building control officers and meets UK standards.

Also known as a Preliminary Risk Assessment or Contaminated Land Risk Assessment, our reports are accepted nationally.

All our Phase 1: Desk Top Studies include a Site Reconnaissance (Walkover) Survey and a Preliminary Conceptual Site Model (CSM). These preliminary works allow us to identify key features on and around the site and design a suitable and targeted scope of work for any future intrusive investigation.

Designed to meet the requirements for planning condition discharge our focus is to ensure that clients planning conditions are discharged as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. 

  • Site Reconnaissance Surveys
  • Flood Risk Assessments
  • Due Diligence
  • Site Acquisition
  • Planning Approval

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